Why should I use waterless auto detailing?

January 13, 2011 at 4:45 am Leave a comment

How do you wash your car? Most people are either DIYers, washing the car in their driveway or on the lawn, or hand car wash customers. However, especially in Los Angeles, waterless car washing makes a lot of sense.
You can save 50 gallons of water per vehicle by having Eco Auto Solutions clean your car with their elite auto detailing services. First,Eco Auto Solutions uses a biodegradable formula that encapsulates dirt and lifts it from the surface of the paint. Don’t worry about toxic chemicals leaving an unhealthy residue in your car or polluting the natural environment, with plant-derived ingredients from citrus, coconut and carnauba palm your vehicle will be left smelling naturally fresh. Next, gone are the days of waxing your car to create a lustrous shine.Eco Auto Solutions’s protective polymer coating guards your car from the harmful effects of environmental assaults and lasts longer than traditional car waxing. And finally, with the ECO Sanitizing System℠, eliminate foul odors in your vehicle by penetrating deep within the air duct system and fibers of carpet and upholstery with organic, naturally disinfecting oils. By killing the bacteria and mildew that cause odors, not only does your car stay fresher longer, you also breathe clean air and reduce your risk for sinus problems, allergies and respiratory infections.
You deserve to feel great in your freshly detailed vehicle knowing you did something good for your health and the planet!
For additional information or to schedule your next waterless specialty detail contact Javier Virgen at (310) 579-1332 or javier@ecoatuosolutions.com.

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